Sword and leatherwork

Welcome to Palnatoke

The Palnatoke crew consists of engineers and technicians. We are proud to make sword building a part of our lives. Our pride is the construction and the properties of our weapons. Even though we have reached a very high standard regarding durability, safety and usability - we still strive to make everything even better.

That's why we say:

"It is not just a sword - it's a lifestyle".

- for us building them and, we hope, for you using them.

We strive to continuously improve to meet the requests we and you have made over time, we do this because we believe that it is the only way to make swords - we are reaching for the stars.

We have two lines of weapons in two lengths beyond our children's series. In addition, we have two main lines of leather goods. You are welcome to look around the site and see the things we have to offer.

Thanks for stopping by - we look forward to seeing you again.

The Palnatoke Crew

New Great Swords

Introducing our new range of Great Swords!

Great Swords

Click the image for a closer look.

Retailers... you can now order online!

To make everyone's lives easier, we've introduced an online order form. We hope you like it. It's simple. You type in your retailer discount and the VAT in your country, your mail address and company name, and you're good to go! If you have any problems, mail us at mail@palnatoke.com.

Sword and shield